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Used laptops come in 2 types: used and refurbished.

What is a Used Laptop?

Used laptops are those that have been used by an end user for some span of time and then resold. Even though a computer is barely one day old, stores may not sell them as new, they turn into used laptops.

What is a Refurbished Laptop?

A refurbished laptop is a computer that has been used around one to ninety days and then returned to the store, who then sells it again, or repairs and changes any required parts in order to sell it again. A number of of these refurbished computers might be just as high-quality as a new computer, except you can acquire them at a lower cost.

What to Look For When Buying a Used Laptop:

1. Condition

The primary item that you ought to observe is the used computerís condition. It is suggested that you avoid laptops that are in excess of three years old. This laptop will be obsolete and might not be able to execute a number of the software programs that are currently offered. You might even wish to stick to laptops that are under 18 months old. Refurbished laptops do not have several of these worries since they are newer and have been restored.

2. Features

The features available on the used laptops are the next essential factors you ought to take into consideration. If you require speed, you must keep in mind that used laptops run slower than desktop PCs which have identical processing systems. Do not purchase used laptops with lower than 128MB of memory; it might not be capable of running a lot of the software that is typical in todayís computers. You can find used laptops that are powered by at least 20GB to 80GB depending on your computing needs. The screen dimension, clarity, and resolution are additionally significant issues in used laptops. Ensure that the used laptop you are examining has the capacity to do what you require it to do entertainment and media-wise.

3. Portability

The portability of a used laptop is also a vital issue. Laptops are getting slimmer and more lightweight daily. Does the laptop you are examining weigh a great deal? Ensure you include the weight of the case and any extra peripherals you will be carrying.


When purchasing a used laptop from a private seller or a friend, be cautious. Have the used laptop checked out carefully by an impartial party or professional. All good bargain hunters recognize that they can locate deals by shopping for pre-owned objects. Used laptop computers are the same. Decide on your requirements and needs and you will find what you desire.

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