The key item to watch out for when searching for a LCD TV is the size of the screen. Currently, forty inches is the maximum. However, bigger screens are coming into the marketplace in the not too distant future. Several in the business see LCD as a prevailing figure over Plasma TV's, but it is really just a matter of opinion. The technology in a LCD projector is incredibly similar to plasma.

So what is LCD? LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and has been here for a quite a while. It is the identical technology you come across in a digital watch, or a calculator except a great deal more complicated when found in a TV. Apart from the screen size, the major benefit LCD has over the old CRT TVís a lot of people still have in their homes is the displays brightness.

An image on a TV or computer monitor consists of 1000s of tiny dotís called pixels. The pixels add all added together is called the resolution. Consequently, when looking for the finest quality TV, the higher the resolution, the more superior the picture.

Once the resolution on the TV is adjusted, it produces the image. This can be a comparatively square image like that on a computer monitor. A rectangular produced image like on a wide screen DVDís has what is referred to as an aspect ratio something like 16:9 denoting the length (16) is approximately two times as long as the height (9).

One major drawback LCD has compared to a Plasma TV is the viewing angle. However, technology is becoming a great deal more improved so the angle is ever-increasing. This means you can sit anyplace and still make out the image. What a higher viewing angle refers to is if you sit to one side of the screen the picture doesnít fade out. Currently, LCD TVs have a angle of approximately 175 degrees, as a result when looking for a TV, the bigger the viewing angle the more superior the TV.

There are some main areas to verify when looking for a quality LCD TV. These include:

Screen size
Contrast Ratio
What input connectors does it have

There are quite a few more areas to look at when selecting a TV, so ensure you do your research prior to purchasing. Like everything, it may appear overwhelming, but providing you look at the key areas you canít go too wrong. For the most part people will discover a LCD TV is very extraordinary compared to their older CRT.

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