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The benefits of colon cleansing for enhanced health can be amazing. Understanding more about your colon and how to keep it in the pink can really do marvels for your body.

The colon is intended to help get rid of waste. Our colons consist of the segment of the large intestine which extends from the cecum to the rectum. The large intestine stores waste and takes up water in addition to helping sustain water and electrolyte balances. Put plainly, we eat foods, digest and take in nutrients and then our colons expel the waste. Yet, this natural progression is slowed down when the colon becomes obstructed.

How does that happen? The food that we consume includes many refined sugars, surplus flour products and toxic elements. We are eating more chips, candies, fast food, cookies and additional greasy, fatty processed foods than ever before. We also exist in a polluted atmosphere, drink excess caffeine and alcohol and we take too many pharmaceuticals.

The final result is an obstructed colon that does not work the way nature planned. When the colon is backed up the remainder of the body begins to suffer. Toxicity levels in the body amplify due to reduced colon performance which leads to lowered liver function, kidney dysfunction, in addition to respiratory and skin troubles.

Cleansing the colon is essential because it detoxifies the body of damaging chemicals, parasites, and years of build-up that stop it from functioning correctly. Colon cleansing can aid in relieving many ailments. It can help decrease fatigue and improve energy levels, improve gas and bloating symptoms, assist in alleviating mood swings and depression, help to overcome food allergies, pick up digestion, and stop bad breath and tainted odors related to the bowels. It might also assist you in losing weight, getting rid of physically powerful cravings for food, resolve skin problems akin to acne and rashes, and wash out out parasites existing within the body.

And that's not all. Cleansing the colon also helps with constipation, Candida infections and hemorrhoids - and even helps the immune system's ability to avoid colds.

Many people experience constipation that only gets worse over time. This is due to the colon being so backed up with old fecal material that it causes tenderness and causes bowel movements to be very hard. Several people only have bowel movements once every other day or even just one time a week. This is a severe problem. If you are eating food and it is not passed through the body, then where is it going? It is sitting within your body just rotting away, attracting parasites and obstructing your colon.

A basic colon cleanse can free the body of common disorders. A good cleansing program gets rid of mucous plaque and toxins, and fortifies the muscles of the colon. A healthy colon usually weighs about 4 pounds. However there have been autopsies which exposed almost 40 pounds of impacted waste wedged inside a person's colon. A colon cleanse re-establishes health and provides the body the capability to function the way it was intended to.

In order to get your colon cleansed thoroughly, you will have to exercise a little patience. The process of comprehensively cleaning the colon can take months to remove the years of build-up. Nevertheless, you should start to see results swiftly. Then you can take pleasure in all of the wonderful benefits of having a clean, hale and hearty colon and live a lot happier, healthier life.

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